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Welcome to National Youth Service Corps, NYSC News page by NIGERIA NEWS for reading latest NYSC update 24/7 live news now from National Youth Service Corps

National Youth Service Corps is a national youth programme by graduates of higher institutions of learning, is a compulsory assignment that must be taken to get jobs in any serious organisation as the certificate obtained from the NYSC is a compulsory requirement.

Latest NYSC Update NYSC News

At NIGERIA NEWS, we are here to give an update, news and guidelines being issued by the NYSC official, press release and batch news.

Our various sources in the 36 states in Nigeria on National Youth Service Corps portal, NYSC timetable, NYSC registration, biometric registration guidelines and procedures, dashboard, NYSC batch a, b, stream 1, 2, etc from National Youth Service Corps website at will make sure you lack nothing about NYSC news and what is happening in each camp.

NYSC timetableNYSC biometric registration

NYSC news pages give news and explanation on the press release, news and guidelines for using of National Youth Service Corps portal, latest NYSC batch, the login of National Youth Service Corps website, the use of NYSC dashboard, registration of NYSC membership at

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National Youth Service Corps NYSC Biometric Registration:

NYSC Biometric Registration is the new method to recognize and capture NYSC members for better data processing by the coordinators of the federal government compulsory services. The NYsC biometric are done for every new member’s stream who about to enroll in the service.

Many people who search for NYSC biometric registration option come across the online method: Step 1. This method used to be based on internet and some updates.

National Youth Service Corps - NYSC posting pictures

You will need a computer with internet connection and Java Runtime 6, 7 or 8. Step 2. It was possible to use any online browser, get drivers for Digital Persona Scanner and successfully scan fingerprints.

Latest National Youth Service Corps Update

Although, according to the official NYSC biometric registration requirements listed on NYSC website, this online method of scanning biometrics for registration is no longer supported.

So please be very attentive! Now you know that National Youth Service Corpsrequirements for registering biometrics data of each prospective corps member involve the usage of Digital Persona 4500 Scanner. This is the only equipment that is allowed by the National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria.

NYSC Dashboard:

NySC dashboard is where you can manage your details like data, NYSC posting and also manage your personal information and details at National Youth Service Corps portal

NYSC timetable:

Each NYSC timetable is different according to the bach and the steam each members belong, but you can trust NIGERIA NEWS to give you a regular update on the NYSC timetable for each of the stream and bathes as being released by the NYSC board.

2019: APC Founding Member Defects To PDP

NYSC 2018:

The NYSC 2018 has been going well just the normal said news that about two corps members died through an accident in Bayelsa state, it happened a day before creating this page.

NYSC login:

Each member after creating account can login through the NySC portal at for a tnecessaryary update of data, see latest information by the NYSC and other things related to the batch

NYSC news:

NYSC News can be found here at Nigeria News for the latest update from the coordinators of the programme across the 36 and FCT in Abuja, bookmarking this page from NIGERIA NEWS, you will be updated daily about the last news of National Youth Service Corps

NYSC registration:

NYSC Registration can be done at the NYSC official website when required, most National Youth Service Corps registration are done during the last year of the higher institution, being a university or HND holder in any Nigerian institution. Nigerians that schooled abroad are also compelled to do the programme as its an identity for anyone with Nigerian broad.

NYSC portal:

NYSC portal just like the National Youth Service Corps website is the same place you manage your account, login to NYSC portal to do registration, posting, see your names and any important information that is required of you. Latest NYSC  update can also be seen from the NYSC portal.

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