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Visa Fraud Alert; Experts Decry Alarming Rate Of Visa Scams

Experts Decry High Rate Of Visa Fraud In Nigeria

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Visa Fraud In Nigeria

Immigration experts in Nigeria have said that the rate at which Nigerian citizens are swindled by visa fraudsters in the country while trying to obtain travel visas to other parts of the world is alarming.

In a statement made decrying the situation in Lagos, on Thursday during a programme organised by a Canada-based immigration and law firm, Topmarke Attorneys, in conjunction with Global Linknet Limited, experts in the field said that huge numbers of Nigerian citizens were ripped off their money by immigration scammers who posed  as travel agents and were taking advantage of the high numbers of people who wanted to travel out of the country.

Mr Johnson Babalola,  a Managing Partner at Topmarke Attorneys, while calling for sanctions on persons found engaged in acts of immigration fraud advised Nigerians who are willing to pursue careers, investment, or to study in other countries of the world, with special reference to Canada, to always endeavour to gather adequate information on the eligibility of the travel agents that they were working with, as well as the entire immigration procedure before committing their resources to it.

According to him, the 2017 edition of the firm’s annual immigration and business seminar which was scheduled for September 30th and October 4 in Lagos and Abuja respectively, will provide a veritable platform for members of the Nigerian populace to get answers to all questions that they might have as touching matters relating to immigration in the country.

Mr  Johnson said; “One of the greatest impediments to a successful immigration bid is the absence of adequate and accurate information and professional representation for immigration purposes. As a result of this, fraudsters posing as immigration experts are taking advantage of Nigerians needing help on visas and other related issues.

Individuals that plan to migrate to or invest in Canada need adequate and reliable information that can only be provided by those of us trained to do so. Our job is to ensure proper planning which is the bedrock of a successful immigration process.”

Also, while expressing her grief about the number of Nigerians that were being duped by the fake immigration experts, who claimed to assist in guiding intending Nigerians in the process of travelling out of the country, the Chief Executive Officer of Global Linknet Limited, Mrs Tayo Abraham, said that they would continue to partner with organisations like Topmarke with the aim of making the process if immigration a smoother one or Nigerians.

The case of visa fraudsters in Nigeria however, is not without its flip side. Some desperate Nigerians have also been nabbed by the police for the deliberate purchase of fake travel documents.

An example of such cases is that of a single mother in Osun State arrested for purchasing a fake visa.

Police arrested a single mother from Osun State, who procured a fake United Kingdom (UK) visa with passport number A0055907…

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