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Undergraduate Stabs Mother To Death In Benin

UNIBEN Undergraduate Stabs Mother With Broken Bottle For Dispute Over Money

Uniben undergraduate kills mother
Uniben undergraduate kills mother

A young man, Obasagie, an undergraduate of the University of Benin, who reportedly stabbed his mother to death with a broken bottle and then went on to smash her head open, has been arrested by the police in Edo State.

According to a Facebook user who witnessed the incident, Kingsley O. Kingsley, the young man and his deceased mother were having an argument when he got deathly angry and stabbed his mother severally and then smashed her head open.

“This is what happened in the early hours of this morning at Iyamu Street, off Textile Mill Road, Benin City.

It happened that the boy had not eaten for days and so on the morning of the murder, the mother, Igbineweka asked him what he would eat and the boy said that he wanted to drink Pepsi.

Happily, the mother went to buy him the bottle of Pepsi; to our surprise, he killed his mother with the Pepsi bottle”

The suspect was said to have only made a narrow escape with his life after a mob comprising angry residents of the area arose on hearing the gruesome acct that the young man had committed. The police were called to the scene, and managed to rescue him from the mob, after which they took him to their station where he is being detained.

Igbineweka was locked in the house alone with her 22-year-old son, who killed her with a broken bottle.

Help came from the neighbiurs but it was too late as she had already lost a fatal amount of blood from her wound before their their arrival on the scene, accordinng to Punch News who reported that most resients abandoned the compound following the ugly incident.

The crowd, which had constituted a mob against Obassagie, was desdcribed to have been shocked by the incident which had gathered a lot of momentum.

Obasagie was soon arrested by police officers from the Textile Mill detachment. This was confirmed by Mr Moses Nkombe, the Edo Police Relation Officer who revealed that a mission to investigate the incident has been launched in order to gather more information about the murder.

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