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P-Square’s Split. Peter Okoye Of P-Square Calls It Quits With His Brothers, Paul and Jude.

– ”My family comes first,’ says Peter Okoye.

After weeks of online battles and social media drama, the multitalented and award-winning music duo P-Square have split up. In recent weeks, the duo has been throwing subtle jabs and shades at each other on their social media pages with one even pointed at Lola Omotayo, who is the wife of Peter Okoye.


P-Square Splits Up
P-Square Splits Up

The social media fiasco started when Peter Okoye referred to himself as Mr P in a social media post which we recall is the name he used to address himself when they last fought. He also opined in his posts that no one’s opinion should matter when it comes to your happiness.

Paul Okoye in his own post, said people were jealous of his twins and having sleepless nights as well as saying ”only a woman can come where there’s peace and destroy it,” which was believed to be a jab at Peter’s wife Lola Omotayo.


P-Square's Peter Okoye Calls It Quits With His Brothers Paul and Jude.
P-Square’s Peter Okoye Calls It Quits With His Brothers Paul and Jude.

LIB confirmed that Peter Okoye has called it quits with his brothers by sending a termination letter to their lawyer, Festus Keyamo (SAN), wherein he demanded for a termination of the agreement between them on September 21, 2017.

In the letter, Mr Peter made some  allegations against his  brothers, Paul and Jude Okoye who is their manager. In his report, he mentioned that Paul is no longer willing to work with him, even going as far as cancelling their US tour without informing him. He also mentioned that Paul Okoye had slandered  his wife and kids on social media and that they were now receiving threatening messages.

With regards to Jude their manager, he said that Jude had once threatened to kill him and shoot his wife Lola which was allegedly said in the presence of both Paul and the Mrs Imoke, the former first lady of Cross Rivers State. He also alleged that Jude claimed to bring him (Peter) a coffin if he ever comes near his house again.

Peter has decided that he has had enough of the drama and though he wishes his brothers and their families well as well as in their career, he cannot betray his wife and kids, as they are very important to him.

Peter had in an earlier post replied to a fan on social media that, “his family comes first,” while also deleting all contact or details of P-Square bookings.

Peter Okoye Of P-Square Says, ''My Family Comes First.''
Peter Okoye Of P-Square Says, ”My Family Comes First.”

Below is a look at the letter which Peter sent to their lawyer. 

Peter Okoye Calls It Quits With His Brothers
Peter Okoye Calls It Quits With His Brothers

The story which was confirmed by LIB and reportedly spoke to Peter, reported that he said;

“Psquare is no more. I have nothing against my brothers. I saw Paul’s post on Instagram about blood being thicker than water.’

‘Who is water and who is blood,’ Peter asked, adding that his nuclear family (wife and kids) are very important to him and he has decided to move on with his personal brand – Mr P.






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