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Tottenham Manager Inspires Players With Fancy Dinner

Tottenham Hotspurs Manager, Maurico Pochettino this week treated his team of players and staff to a steak dinner as a way of fueling his club’s desire for championship success.


The Totteham manager paid for a large group of the Tottenham stars, as well his team of coaches, not leaving out the club’s chairman, Daniel Levy, to eat at The Beast Restaurant located in Marylebone, Oxford Street, London.

The fancy dinner menu comprised of steak delicacies from Finland, Spain and from Nebraska, Pochettino choosing the spanish cut for himself at  a price of 13 Pounds ($17, 14 Euros) per 100g, along with some wine from his home country of Argentina

Having a forthcoming derby match to play against West Ham on Saturday, Pochettino is of the belief that his title-pursing side stands to benefit from forming a bond around the dinner table.

Putting words to his aim and intentions for bringing about the special outing with his team, the Spurs manager had the following to say, Friday, “you need time to create a good dynamic, not only tactics but outside too”.

“We had a dinner in a restaurant in London with all the staff and players that I invite of course. I paid the bill at the end! That is true, the one time that I was invited!

“That is important because you prefer to say, ‘Shall we do tactics here in the morning or would you prefer to go last night and put all the staff, the players and the chairman too in a restaurant?’ That is tactics too.

“It is so important, just as it is important to work on the pitch, to know better in between them, to speak in a different way. That creates links between them, emotion.

“When you must fight in a competition, there’s willingness more to help your team-mates and care more for your team-mates and care more for the gaffer that pays the bill!”

This however is a much softer approach by Pochettino to achieve the desired togetherness among his team as four years ago at Southampton, he commanded his players to walk over hot coals in a  bonding exercise.

“I paid the bill at the end! That is true,” Pochettino said on Thursday. As an Argentinian who feels culturally Spanish, Pochettino chose red wine from Mendoza – “Argentine wine is the best!” – and steak from the Galicia and Basque regions of Spain. “When I pay, I pay good! Good restaurant, good food, good wine,” Pochettino said.

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