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No More Alcohol On Weekdays – Zimbabwean Government

The government of the Republic of Zimbabwe is about to enact a policy prohibiting the sales of alcohol on any day from Monday to Friday. the law will also forbid the sales of alcohol to pregnant women in order to curb its abuse among Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwean President
Zimbabwean President


The new policy is targeted particularly at motor vehicle drivers who, as reported by The Zimbabwean Mail, will be arrested if found driving with blood alcohol concentration levels exceeding 0,08 per 100ml.

The former health minister of the country, Dr. Timothy Stamps, who is now serving as Health Adviser in the office of the President, is credited as the sponsor of the new National policy on Alcohol.

As reported by another Zimbabwean newspaper, Sunday Mail, retailers found selling alcoholic beverages to pregnant women will be prosecuted as well.

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