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Lai Mohammed slams IPOB, says Treasury Looters Are Behind IPOB

Minister of information and culture, Alh. Lai-Mohammed

The Minister of information, culture and tourism, Alhaji lai Mohammed has alleged that the IPOB movement was not set up to fight for the rights of anyone or group, but as a tool to destabilize the nation, divert attention from the efforts of the Muhammadu Buhari administration and obliterate the laudable achievements of the administration

The Minister, said this on Sunday during a press conference in Lagos. He said: “IPOB is being sponsored by those I will call the coalition of the politically disgruntled and the treasury looters. They believe that by sponsoring this group to destabilise the country and trigger chaos, they will realise their ambition of escaping justice and then be free to dip their hands into the nation’s treasury again,” Mohammed alleged.

 Mohammed noted that IPOB’s activities became heightened with the advent of the Buhari administration and has been unrelenting since then.
He said the fact that the activities of IPOB picked up since Buhari became the president could not have been coincidental.
“Remember that Nnamdi Kanu, who led a protest at the Nigeria House in London against the Boko Haram insurgency and in support of Nigeria’s unity under the Goodluck Jonathan administration, has suddenly metamorphosed into an IPOB monster who would rather set the nation ablaze,” he said.
Mohammed pointed out that IPOB was nothing more than a contraption by those who believe they had lost political power as well as those who had looted Nigeria’s treasury.
Urges western nations to disregard agitators

The minister also raised alarm over attempts by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to externalise its struggle through propagandist writings to the governments and national parliaments of some western nations.          According to the minister, the move is to give the impression that the IPOB members are victims of an ethno-sectarian violence orchestrated by the government, hence they need protection.

The minister also alleged that IPOB, having been declared a terrorist group by the Nigeria Army and also proscribed by the Southeast governors, has also resolved to engage in a massive harvesting of gory videos from the distant past and from other countries to hoodwink the public, and in particular the international community, into believing that its (IPOB) members are victims of state-sponsored violence.

“Such videos, which have very high emotive quotient, are circulating on the social media. We call on all to subject all such videos to the greatest scrutiny so as not to be misled. In particular, we urge the international community not to jump to any conclusion on the basis of such videos,” he said.

Mohammed concluded by urging the international community to discard such sentiments from IPOB. “This is a blatant lie and it was never in the agenda of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to suppress its citizens for whatever reasons.” The Minister concluded.

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